Interesting Facts


TERTER recommends:
  • Always read the label on packaging of the product selected;
  • Require any additional information from the producer, in case that label data is failing to meet your expectations and the most important issue;
  • Never compromise on the food you eat, as it directly reflects your health!

The following ingredients are needed for making traditional Bulgarian white cheese:

- 100 % natural fresh whole milk (3,6 % fat content);

- For the production of one kilogram Bulgarian white brined cheese, seven liters of milk are required;

-  Cheese starter culture – selected lactic acid bacteria, mandatorily comprising of the traditionally used Bulgarian ones – Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus;

- Cheese enzymes – yeast. Natural product that is responsible for the process of milk fermentation and its transformation into cheese;

- Salt – Natural product that is added after cheese formation;

- Minimum 45 days ripening period. This is the time to break down the protein and milk fat and to shape its distinctive taste.